LiquIdity: Make the most of your balances!

As a corporate client with current accounts with different Connector banks you can profit from monitoring and managing your worldwide liquidity in the electronic banking system of only one bank, namely your main banker.

You will have a complete overview of the liquidity worldwide and you can repatriate funds very quickly thereby enabling you to make the most of balances.


Receivables: Why not make it easier for your clients to pay?

Maintaining accounts locally in your export markets enables your company to be considered a local partner, whether or not you are represented with a locally registered entity.

Your clients in the export market will find it easier to pay to a local account in the local currency thus improving your competitiveness in the marketplace.


Disbursements: Are your cross border payments too expensive?

If you are sending many cross border payments to another country covered by Connector a Connector account will enable you to transform expensive cross border payments into less expensive domestic payments.

You can transmit the payments either from the electronic payments system of your main banker or from the electronic banking system of account holding bank.


Information: Do you know where your funds are?

Besides accounts and payments Connector banks offer a wide variety of domestic and foreign products and services covering your needs for banking services in any country covered by Connector.

Connector is constantly working on improving products and services in order to meet current and future needs of our mutual clients.

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