Who we are

Connector Banking Club is an international corporate banking alliance consisting of 13 member banks.


Connector was founded in 1995 by a core of banks around the globe in response to increasing competition from large network banks, able to provide integrated International Cash Management solutions from a single proprietary network.

The aim of the alliance was to challenge these global banks by providing a unique worldwide network of partner banks, each with a strong domestic capability and with a united ambition to support an international banking proposition.

Together, our member banks aim to provide a global suite of cash management and treasury products and services to corporate clients from across the alliance, supporting customers that could not ordinarily expect their home bank to support alone.

The Alliance

The Connector banking alliance is based on open membership, where any bank, subject to agreement by the existing members, may become a new member and commence activities pursuant to the objectives of the alliance.

In order to grow and remain competitive with global banks, we persist in actively seeking new partners in regions that would strengthen our network with a preference to banks with a large branch network and a comprehensive suite of products and services.

Looking forward to 2021 and beyond, we are looking to partner with banks in the USA, Canada, the Middle East and Asia and in keeping with the current strategy, we would look to partner with a single bank in each country.

What we do now

Connector currently manages an alliance of 13 member banks, providing corporate clients with access to branches and offices in 40 countries.

Each member bank can expect to provide a range of services including account opening, electronic bank account management, payables, receivables and arguably most importantly, local expertise and knowledge of banking practices and the local economy.

The current alliance, which utilises a single partner bank in each country, can boast a portfolio of over 5,000 clients that have been referred around the globe for cash management and treasury services.

Connector Banking Club General Committee 2019

Connector Banking Club General Committee, May 2019

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